Many patients believe that once their braces are off, treatment is over. In truth, you are only part of the way there. The good news is that the retention phase is a lot easier to manage than active treatment. And since this is vital to keeping the smile you have worked so hard for, you will not want to skip out on it.

Types of Retainers

You will have a few options for your retainer. All of them are made just for you. Here are the ones we offer:

  • Traditional, removable retainers, which have a fixed wire that runs around the teeth and an acrylic arch that fits into the roof of the mouth.
  • Aligner-style retainers, which look like Invisalign aligners, but they do not move the teeth, just hold them in place.
  • Fixed retainers, which are bonded to the teeth like braces, preventing any forgetfulness from impacting results.

Which Is Best?

No style of retainer is inherently better than any other. It all comes down to patient needs and preferences. For those tired of flossing around braces and restricting their diet, removable options may be best. But if someone is a bit forgetful, a fixed retainer is preferable. You can decide on the right option when consulting with the doctor.

To learn more about the retention phase of treatment, schedule a consultation.