I love getting to know our patients: hearing what’s happening in their lives, and celebrating their accomplishments. It’s a pleasure to help people I care about achieve a great smile and make the process easy for them. I’ve worked with Dr. Sorenson since 1993 and treasure all the friendships I’ve made through this office.

I am the front office manager and handle all the insurance billing. I also work closely with patients and parents to coordinate treatment and ensure everyone understands what’s happening. In addition, since I am a registered dental assistant, I work as a back office assistant when needed.

Outside of work, I enjoy jogging, hiking, skiing, and, best of all, babysitting my grandchildren. I’m a L.A.-area native and have lived in Yorba Linda since 1980.



As back office manager, I handle all laboratory work and sterilization as well as assisting Dr. Sorenson at chairside. Part of my responsibility is to research and order the latest technology in appliances and supplies.

When you come in for treatment, it is fun to learn about each patient’s life and interests. Seeing a person’s smile change, and watching how this changes their self-esteem and confidence, never gets old! I’ve been part of the team since 1990 and love that we’re now creating smiles for the children of some of our first patients.

When I’m not at the office, I love scrapbooking, various crafts, reading, and time with family and friends. I’m a California native and have lived in Orange County since 1989.



I love how each day here is filled with wonderful conversations with people who are changing their lives. Everyone brings their own stories to the office and I like hearing what’s important to them. I’ve worked with Dr. Sorenson and the team since 2007. It’s amazing to be in such a professional, friendly practice where we help people smile!

I work closely with Dr. Sorenson as he cares for patients. I assist with placing braces, routine checkups and adjustments, and the best procedure of all: removing braces! Those beautiful finished smiles, and our patients’ happiness, really are incredible.

During my time off, I enjoy reading and spending time with my three dogs. I’m also a big-time L.A. Lakers fan. I’ve lived in Orange County for more than ten years and love it here.



I love seeing smiling faces as patients arrive for their visits. They’re always excited to show us how their smile is changing and tell us their latest news! It’s fun to hear what’s happening in their lives. I’m a newcomer to the office, having started in 2016, and I’m so happy to work for an amazing orthodontist and with a great team.

I greet and seat patients, assist in the laboratory, and support Dr. Sorenson during various procedures. I also sterilize instruments, handle some filing, and arrange charts and records.

Outside of work, my greatest passion is soccer: I like to play goalie. I also enjoy lacrosse.