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What has been stopping you from correcting problems with your smile? For many, especially adults, the biggest roadblock is the way braces look. Invisalign makes this a non-issue. Using clear plastic aligners that are invisible when worn, this system has revolutionized the world of orthodontics.

Why Consider Invisalign Treatment?

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So, we have already gone over the most notable feature of Invisalign: it is invisible. But that is not the only feature that stands to benefit you as a patient. Some other reasons to consider Invisalign include:

  • Fast treatment:When compared to traditional braces, Invisalign moves teeth faster
  • No Dietary Changes:You can remove the aligners when eating, so nothing is off limits
  • Easy Care:The aligners are easy to clean and they make brushing and flossing easier than with braces as well
  • True Comfort: Unlike braces, the smooth plastic of the aligners does not irritate the mouth
  • Fewer Appointments: Most orthodontic appointments are for adjustments, but you handle those at home by swapping out aligners

The Invisalign Process

Becoming an Invisalign patient is easy. First, you come in for an initial consultation, at which time we will determine if you are a candidate for treatment. If you are, we will complete a 3D non-invasive scan of your dental anatomy. This will then be imported by the Invisalign software and your treatment plan will be mapped out.

From there, we will go over the entire plan, step by step, and make any needed alterations. Once everything looks great and you agree to move forward, we send the “blueprints” for your aligners off and they are crafted in an expert lab. We then call you once they are in.

You come in to make certain the first aligners fit well, and we give you a series of them. We will go over care instructions and then send you on your way. You come in to see us about once every two months, getting more aligners when needed. In two years or less, treatment is complete and you enter the retention phase.

To learn more about this form of treatment, schedule your consultation.