The cost of treatment is a major concern for patients. While we cannot tell you the cost of treatment until you are evaluated, we can say that we offer multiple ways to make it affordable. At your initial appointment, our staff will consult with you to determine what payment plan is best for you.

 Ways You Can Afford Treatment

There are several ways we can help you afford treatment. First, we can offer a discount on treatment paid in full upfront. This does mean paying a larger sum at once, but it is the cheapest option overall when paying out of pocket.

Second, we maximize insurance benefits. Even if your plan only partially covers orthodontic treatment, we know ways to make that coverage stretch.

Third, we can create flexible payment plans so you pay less per month, working it into your budget. And fourth, we accept most credit cards, giving you the option to pay us now and pay the credit card company later.

If you have any questions about affording treatment, let us know at your appointment.