The patient entered treatment at age 11. He wore braces for a total of 26 months. Now, his smile is healthier and more attractive.

This patient engaged in extended thumb sucking as a child, which impacted her bite. Treatment began at age 13 and used both braces and a crib. Treatment lasted 28 months to achieve the now perfect bite.

This patient did not begin treatment until he was an adult and needed both surgery and appliances to address his overbite. Treatment lasted two years, but now his bite is both functional and attractive.

Due to a congenital defect, this patient was born without lateral incisors. We used braces to move the teeth into a better position and then used a bridge to make up for the missing teeth.

Jaw discomfort and uneven wearing of the teeth motivated this patient to seek treatment. The process took 30 months, but he is now much more comfortable.

This patient used braces to close gaps in the teeth and now wears a fixed retainer to keep his teeth in their ideal locations.

This patient was seen at a young age and was able to correct a severe overjet with appliances alone. Treatment was broken up into two phases, the first starting at age 10 and the second at age 12. Now, she is 13 and has a great smile.